March 27, 2012

Justin Lin Could Direct Lone Wolf And Cub Reboot

If you don't recognize the manga Lone Wolf And Cub you might better know the Japanese TV series that would eventually become the Shogun Assassin films. The film is referenced in Kill Bill Vol.2 and highly influenced the action scenes in Kill Bill Vol.1. At one point Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan, Noah) was working on his own adaptation but the rights reverted and he moved on from the project.

There is word from Deadline that the remake/reboot is now back in the works with Justin Lin (Fast Five) attached to direct with David and Janet Peoples (Unforgiven, Blade Runner, 12 Monkeys) handling the script. I wouldn't hold my breath about Lin as he previously attached himself to Highlander and Terminator 5 only to exit. Let's just hope they keep the gore intact and don't end up making a watered down PG-13 film.

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