March 6, 2012

Chronicle's Josh Trank Could Direct Venom For Sony

24Frames reports that Sony is in talks with Chronicle director Josh Trank to replace Gary Ross (Hunger Games) on their Spider-Man spin-off Venom. It had been originally setup with Ross set to direct along with a script from Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (Zombieland, Deadpool). However, there were many rewrites and Gary eventually dropped out to focus on the Hanger Games franchise at Lionsgate. Josh was rumored to be in the mix for Fox's Fantastic Four reboot. He would later deny the rumors a couple of times. It's unknown if this is just wishful thinking but Trank is likely getting a bunch of offers.

At one point the studio's plan was to have a completely reboot of Venom, ignoring the events of Spider-Man 3. Perhaps, making this an Ultimate version of Venom to compliant Marc Webb's Amazing Spider-Man. There also had been talk of darker toned film than any of the Spider-Man films. It makes sense considering the anti-hero does end up becoming a hero of sorts even if he seriously hurts and kills the people who cross his path. Topher Grace won't be returning as the studio would be looking to find a new Eddie Brock. I personally think that Liam Hemsworth or someone of his size would make a good Brock.

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