March 13, 2012

Jonathan Levine Could Direct Dead Spy Running For WB

Twitch reports Warner Bros. is currently in talks with Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies, 50/50, Wackness) to direct Dead Spy Running. The social network generation spy thriller originally had McG attached to direct. Which seemed odd since they had well respected screenwriter Stephen Gaghan (Traffic, Syriana) handling the script with Jamie Moss. McG would later exit the project and with talks of Gaghan making his directing debut. I assume WB got scared after McG's flop with the spy rom-com This Means War.

Jonathan Levine is a director who is somewhat similar to Jason Reitman which would be a big bonus to the studio. Warner Bros. is always looking for new talented directors to nurture into making blockbusters. He's able to make drama, horror, suspense and comedy, it's hard to say the same of McG. Levin is also tapped into the generation of today and his casting selections reflect this as his films usually filled with talented actors rather than pretty faces. Yet, another massive difference between Jonathan and McG. This would also be a big step into the world of Hollywood blockbusters for Levine who is known for smaller scaled projects.

Warner Bros. has also been very skittish lately greenlighting rather large films. They've previously put an axe to Akira, Arthur And Lancelot and Paradise Lost. The studio might be aiming for more low budget films to fill their slots after the massive loss from Green Lantern last year. Dead Spy Running looks like it could be in that category.

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