January 7, 2015

First Trailer For Marvel's ANT-MAN And A Bunch Of Screen Grabs

Marvel's trailer for Ant-Man is somber and taking a bit of a tone to Christopher Nolan's Batman trailers but at the same time still in on the joke. Having Paul Rudd's Scott Lang asking if he could change the name of the hero. It's a decent enough teaser considering they only recently wrapped production and the film won't be out for another seven months. We're luckily enough to see some of the ant point-of-view shots from the Comic-Con footage included.

Oddly, we don't see any footage from the 60s flashbacks which will have a young Hank working for SHIELD. Peggy Carter and Howard Stark being involved with those scenes, will further link Ant-Man and Wasp to the origins of both SHIELD and AVENGERS.

Below is a bunch of shots from the trailer as well.

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