January 28, 2015

Does Marvel Studios Have Big Plans For Paul Bettany's VISION?

We haven't see Paul Bettany's Vision show-up in recent Avengers: Age of Ultron trailers but the actor seemingly already has an idea when we'll be seeing his character next.

Paul Bettany spoke to an Australian news outlet (via ComicBookMovie) giving the impression the studio has given him a better idea of what his future projects could be.

“That’s the really great thing about the Marvel gig for me. I have never known if I have had a job six months out ever in my life. And now I know that they have plans and I can be even more judicious about the stuff that I do outside of that work. I can wait for the right thing and feel really attached to it.”

There is a bit of chatter of where The Vision could be seen next, mainly he could be appearing in both Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. It hasn't been confirmed but sources are clearly hearing that Marvel wants more of the character.

During the early days of Marvel Studios they did commission a Vision feature film script when they first put together the Marvel screenwriters program, that program also gave Marvel drafts for Guardians of The Galaxy, Black Widow, Inhumans and possibly Captain Marvel.

Back in 2009, Variety reported on Marvel hiring a group of writers to develop film scripts for characters such as Nighthawk, Iron Fist, Doctor Strange, Black Panther and of course Vision. It's possible since Vision is getting an introduction in Age of Ultron that he could be a viable candidate for a spin-off.

In the future we could see Vision getting his own film or at the very least branching-out towards a bigger role which the latter is already expected via rumors. We really don't have a clue what Marvel wants to do in Phase Four, a lot of things could happen.

I'm sure Marvel wants to test the waters with how audiences react to him in Age of Ultron before moving forward with bigger plans.



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