January 22, 2015

Joel Edgerton And Jon Bernthal Up For Flagg Role In SUICIDE SQUAD; Joe Manganiello Playing DEATHSTROKE?

There's a whole heap of casting rumors concerning Suicide Squad coming out online today.

The first one comes from Cinema Blend, who are saying that actors Joel Edgerton (Exodus, Zero Dark Thirty, Warrior, The Great Gatsby) and Jon Bernthal (Fury, Wolf of Wall Street, Walking Dead) are in the mix to replace Tom Hardy as Rick Flagg.

Out of the two I'd say Bernthal is the better fit since he worked with director David Ayer in Fury and co-starred with Margot Robbie in Warner Bros' The Wolf of Wall Street. Plus, he's been a much more consistent actor than Joel and Flagg could be right for him.

Jake Gyllenhaal had been offered the role recently but passed on it, and I don't blame him. It's been said the role has been cutdown a lot from Ayer's rewrites and likely won't have as much screen time as other characters in the film.

Joe almost played Superman and Batman, might as well play Deathstroke.

Another mysterious rumor via The Playlist is suggesting that Joe Manganiello (Magic Mike, True Blood, Sabotage, Spider-Man) is up for the role of Deathstroke, there had been rumors the character was in the film but nothing has been confirmed or reported by major outlets.

Joe is a bit different than the other names mentioned here since the actor did on the recommendation of director Zack Snyder did test for both Superman and Batman roles. He also previously worked with David Ayer on the Arnold Schwarzenegger action flick Sabotage.

We know that David Goyer (Dark Knight, Batman Begins, Blade, Man of Steel, Metal Gear Solid) had penned a Deathstroke movie and had planned on producing the film too, so it would be a role that could turn into it's own franchise.

The last one comes from Latino Review, who wasn't confident enough with this rumor to post it on their site but tweeted-out that Gary Sinise (Forest Gump, Snake Eyes) is said to be in talks for the role of General Eiling.

Take all these as rumors at this point.


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