January 22, 2015

Jessica Chastain Absolutely Wants A STAR WARS Role

We're starting to see the Star Wars universe open-up with many female roles being available for actresses, something that wasn't the case under George Lucas. I think we have to thank Lucasfilm head Kathy Kennedy and the filmmakers for making the effort to give women a fair shot in this new era of the series.

I've already pointed-out that both The Force Awakens and Gareth Edwards' untitled spin-off will have a strong female presence like we've never seen before with the films.

Daisy Ridley's character in Awakens is said to be a bit more of main character than most are expecting, since she's one of the only people I've seen in concept art wielding a lightsaber. There are even two big supporting roles being filled by Gwendoline Christie and Lupita Nyong'o.

In the casting of Gareth Edwards' film it's looking like the lead role might actually be a female character. Since we've been hearing about four actresses in the running for the part which include Tatiana Maslany, Rooney Mara, Felicity Jones and Kate Mara. Currently, no male actors have started creeped into the casting conversation for the project. This might be hinting to this film becoming the first female driven Star Wars movie.

This aspect might see even more high profiled actors and actresses signing-up to be apart of the universe since we're getting one Star Wars installment every year in December starting in 2015, there will be plenty of roles to go around.

The next installments include Episode VIII coming from Looper's Rian Johnson in December 2017 and then another untiled spin-off from Fantastic Four's Josh Trank likely in December 2018.

Well, someone at Digital Spy asked two-time Oscar nominated actress Jessica Chastain (Crimson Peak, Zero Dark Thirty, The Help, The Debt, Tree of Life) about Star Wars since her A Most Violent Year co-star Oscar Isaac is apart Force Awakens. The interviewer curious if she had aspirations for the franchise, here is what Chastain had to say.

Yes, they never sent me the script. I would have absolutely been in Star Wars, I would have loved to be in Star Wars, I know they're going to make more so.. [points to herself].. Listen, I'm an actor because I love film I love going to the movies I love comedies and so many different kinds of films, sci-fi, drama, horror films I love them all. And I'd love to do anything it just has to be a good role. You know like I don't want to just stand there and hold a spoon, I really want to do something fun and I would absolutely would love it. 
I personally think the more Oscar caliber talent the better when it comes to Star Wars and we know that Chastain is a workhorse actress and wouldn't shy away from a huge workload these projects demand.

She's been dying to get a meatier role in comic book film genre, but had to turn down Marvel because of lacklustre roles in Iron Man 3 and Ant-Man. Although, she would make a badass Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel we at least know wants to be apart of Star Wars.


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