January 5, 2015

Not So Fast..Neill Blomkamp Might Return To Developing His Secret ALIEN Movie XENO

While most of us have tried to "close the book" on Neill Blomkamp's sequel to Aliens he was secretly developing as completely dead. His last words on his final posting of artwork on Instagram, gives another narrative. Stating he'd still like to return to it, as he loves that world. Hence, there is a chance he could go back and take another crack at a pitch. I'm sure 20th Century Fox has been ringing his offices like crazy since they returned from holidays.

"maybe I'll go back to it ....love the world"

Neill is also likely weighing options for other studio pitches as well, he could any number of original concepts. His cyborg short film Yellow being a huge candidate to be turned into a feature film. Another option is making his sequel to District 9. I'm sure if a deal can't be made for an original project he could return to Xeno and begin talks with Fox. Considering Ridley Scott has confirmed Prometheus 2 will sever ties with the xenomorphs, Fox might be looking for ways to return to the real Alien saga.

Ein von Brownsnout (@neillblomkamp) gepostetes Foto am


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