April 6, 2014

Korvac Teased In GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, Hinting To Cosmic Wars?

We're under the impression that Marvel villain The Collector (played Benicio Del Toro) will be in the service of Thanos in Guardians of The Galaxy, when that is going to be revealed in the film is unknown. The Collector might not be only character in the Thor: The Dark World end-credits scene that is forbidding a giant cosmic threat (aside from Adam Warlock).

We see British actress Ophelia Lovibond playing a pink-skinned alien, who is the assistant to The Collector. Lovibond's character in Guardians is revealed to be Carina in Guardians of the Galaxy Prequel Infinite Comic #1. The comic book is a direct tie-in with the film and seemingly confirms she'll be playing the character Carina. In the comics, Carina is the Collector's daughter, but their relationship might not end-up father and daughter. It does raise the question, "does her inclusion mean Michael Korvac is coming?". Her father sends Carina to spy on Korvac to figure out if he's a threat or not, the two develop a relationship and she chooses Korvac over helping the Avengers.

Carina and Korvac become lovers, which doesn't turn out well for the universe. As the pair become the most powerful Marvel cosmic villains ever to exist. They eventually become threats to the entire universe as they spark a giant Cosmic War. Korvac also ties-in with The Guardians of the Galaxy. If we don't end-up getting a Planet Hulk crossover, we could see a giant Cosmic War storyline featuring, The Avengers, Guardians, Korvac and Thanos.

The cosmic threat is almost as equal to the Infinity Gauntlet Saga, and if Thanos had them under his control would be quite the match for the Avengers. Introducing the cosmic villains could also open the door for future cosmic universe projects like Guardians 2, Ms Marvel or even a Nova spin-off.

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