April 25, 2014

Could Pierce Brosnan, Robert De Niro And Hulk Hogan Join The Cast Of EXPENDABLES 4?

Bond actor Pierce Brosnan has confirmed to ShortList he's signed-up for a role in an Expendables installment. Stating that producer Avi Lerner has offered him a role in the franchise while shooting another film (Survivor) for Avi in Bulgaria. It's unknown if this role is for Expendables 4 or  ExpendaBelles.

"Oh, the offer has come in for the next Expendables. I just worked over in Bulgaria with Avi Lerner who makes them. He said, 'Would you like to be in The Expendables? I'd love to have you', and I said, 'Why not?' So we'll see. I have no idea which one it would be. I just said yes. It could be [Expendables 7]!"

There has been talk from Stallone that he could be walking from the franchise. The only problem is these Expendables movies are earners, while Sly's solo ventures (even with the help of Arnold Schwarzenegger) aren't making splashes stateside. It's starting to sound like Lerner could continue making sequels, with or without Stallone's involvement. If anything, these statements give the impression Avi wants more sequels.

We should also keep in mind that Avi doesn't always land the actors he pursues. John Travolta, Nicolas Cage and Jackie Chan were other names that were wanted for franchise roles, but never came together. While he was somehow able to wrangle Harrison Ford for Expendables 3. At least it sounds like Pierce is game, and we have confirmation he's going to be involved at some point.

In January, while promoting their film Grudge Match, Sly mentioned talk to Robert De Niro (Heat, Ronin, Elite Killer, The Deer Hunter) about getting involved in the films, during an interview with Yahoo!. After taking roles in Robert Rodriguez's Machete and Elite Killer (alongside Jason Statham), I think anything is possible concerning Robert De Niro. The pair previously worked together on the underrated crime drama Cop Land, and De Niro seemed interested in the videoI'd love to see Robert take a role, and I'm sure others wouldn't mind seeing him playing in this kind of action sandbox.

"[Sly's] been talking about," admits De Niro. 

"Now I know him, I know his phone number, yeah," explains Stallone, "He'd definitely be great in it."

A rumor from Bulgarian news site Blitz suggests that Hulk Hogan will have a role in Expendables 4, and the production will shoot in the country this fall. That's a bit odd considering this is the first time hearing, when Sly and Lerner are usually on the promotion machine. Apparently, Expendables 3 will be getting promoted at SDCC14, might could be where they might announce their future plans. If indeed Expendables 4 is happening, or if the production is really ExpendaBelles. It should be noted they've shot the last two movies in Bulgaria, and producer Avi Lerner has made other films there as well. The country would hear news first concerning the project ramping up for production. Hogan does have a connection to Sly Stallone, having a cameo in Rocky III and Sly showed-up to his induction to the Wrestling Hall of Fame back in 2005. Stallone did hire wrestler Steve Austin for the original movie, so he could end up getting another wrestler involved.

The major problem is that we haven't any information concerning development on Expendables 4. What we do know that the studio is working on an all-female spin-off entitled The ExpendaBelles. I wouldn't be shocked if that this is the film the Bulgarian outlet is referring to, since there isn't even a hint to a fourth movie and according to Stallone he might end the franchise on with the third one. ExpendaBelles has actresses such as Gina Carano, Katee Sackhoff, and Zoe Bell attached to star. Ronda Rousy has a role in Expendables 3, which could easy transfer over to that film as well. I wouldn't be entirely shocked if they were waiting to announce the fourth film and it's cast at Comic-Con, if it exists.


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