April 5, 2014

AVATAR Actor Matt Gerald Joins The Male-Heavy Cast Of Edgar Wright's ANT-MAN

Deadline reports that character actor Matt Gerald (Avatar, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Escape Plan) has taken a villainous role in Edgar Wright's Ant-Man. This isn't Matt's first Marvel role, as he took the part of White Power Dave in the Marvel One-Shot All Hail The King. It's unknown if he'll be reprising the role of Dave in new film.

The rest of the cast includes Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly (The Hobbit, Real Steel, Hurt Locker), Michael Douglas (The Game, Black Rain, Wall Street), Patrick Wilson (Watchmen, A-Team, Insidious 1-2, The Conjuring), Michael Pena (End of Watch, Crash) and Corey Stoll (House of Cards, Non-Stop, Midnight In Paris). Production is set to being at Pinewoods Studios in Atlanta, the first Marvel film to be shot that facility. It's release date is the old Batman Vs Superman spot, which is slated for July , 2015

I'm loving the cast Edgar is putting together, but it's a giant sausage-fest at the moment. Currently, there are six-seven male cast members (Clifton Collins Jr. might be the seventh actor), while only one woman has been cast in the film. You'd think after The Winter Soldier having five female characters in the film, Marvel would be adding more ladies among the Ant-Man cast. Here's hoping that we end-up seeing more women join the Marvel film, because it's a bit shameful if they don't.


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