April 20, 2014

CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER Has Earned $586M In 2.4 Weeks Of Wide Release

Marvel is quickly becoming the most successful movie studios currently making superhero epics. Another major success story is brewing with Captain America's sequel. In only a little over two weeks of wide release the film has made $586.6 million, in worldwide box office earnings (according to BoxOfficeMojo). It's budget is on par with Thor: The Dark World at $170 million, both films were made for $30 million less than Iron Man 2/3 and $50 million less than Avengers. Taking the number one spot three weeks in a row in the domestic market, is a solid statement from audiences that the film could have staying power for the rest of April.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 is expected to take back those domestic dollars with it's early May release, but Cap could keep earning big numbers in international markets. It's a long road to joining the billion dollar club at this point, but it could easily edge-out Thor: The Dark World ($644.7M) as the third largest grossing Marvel Studios film. It's already dwarfed Captain America: The First Avenger's worldwide take of $370.5 million. I have a feeling it will also pass DC's Man of Steel's earnings of $668 million, very soon. Proving that, Captain America 3 could actually be a major threat to the same day release of Batman Vs Superman.


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