April 10, 2014

Unknown Actress Linked For STAR WARS Role And Another Road-Trip To Tatoonie

THR says Oxford acting student Maisie Richardson-Sellers could be in the mix for role in Star Wars: Episode VII. The young Oxford actress is mostly known for school theatre work. This wouldn't be too shocking as Lucasfilm have been looking at every actor and actress for roles. It's said the role is a long descendent of Obi Wan Kenobi, who would interact with the Skywalker and Solo kids. I have to side with THR with this character info, as they've been able to confirm a lot the Star Wars scoops from other sites.

"One of the roles yet to be filled is that of a young black or mixed-race woman who may be a descendent of Jedi Knight Ben Kenobi."

Another bit of news from THR, is that the seventh film will head back to the dangerous desert planet of Tatooine. It might be the home planet of Luke Skywalker, but we've seen it five times previously. A majority of Phantom Menace and A New Hope taking place on Tatooine. I understand what Abrams is thinking by connecting the new era of Star Wars to the planet. However, it doesn't seem like an original way to push forward a new wave of Star Wars films. As the previous films have spend plenty of time using it as a setting, a bit uninteresting if you ask me.

I would have hoped the film would explore different planets if we're forced to deal with old characters.
Bringing back the original cast is understandable, but there have been rumors their roles could be larger than expected. I'm not sure how J.J. Abrams could manage to make 60-70 year old actors convincing action leads in a kids movie. When the new trilogy is expected to showcase a new generation of jedi. Not even factoring-in neither Mark Hamill or Carrie Fisher being major on-screen leads since the early 80s.

I'm not the only one who feels this way, THR also wrote an article, titled "Could 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Be Too Enamoured With The Original Films". The piece focuses on the lack of original steps the production is currently making. Keeping a lot of the same creative people from the original trilogy. While not pushing forward with new and fresh ideas.

We've been hearing from multiple sources that there is major in-fighting between Abrams and Lucasfilm. Leading to script rewrites and basically a massive overhaul of the director of the film just months before it's production. It's possible that George Lucas is still trying to the calling the shots. Whether that's through Kathy Kennedy or J.J. Abrams is unknown.


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