November 25, 2009

UPDATE: Insiders (2011)

Jessica Alba and Robert Rodriguez have teamed up to buy the rights for the comic book Insiders. They've done so in the hopes to develop a live-action film based on the comic. This could make for a great action franchise that might be setup at Rodriguez's Troublemaker Studios.

The story follows heroine Najah Cruz, a Columbian who is as deadly as she is beautiful. She has the weapons expertise and combat skills of a James Bond. At the secret request of the White House she infiltrates a worldwide mafia-like organization composed of businessmen and politicians and becomes the bodyguard of the organization’s leader. Jessica Alba of course will play Najah Cruz.

UPDATE: French-Algerian director Mabrouk El Mechri has been hired to helm the project. He's best known for directing the impressive JCVD, which brought Jean Claude Van Damme back into the spotlight.

Jessica Alba (Sin City, Machete) will of course play Najah Cruz. Some may remember Alba played a kick-ass super solider on James Cameron's Dark Angel. For most of her career after the show she's mostly shied away from action heavy films. Alba at least started her career as an action star. So I can take her more seriously in a role like this unlike Angelina Jolie.

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