November 30, 2009

Thor Spin-Offs?

Similar to the world of Iron Man, Thor is loaded with many heroes. While I believe we'll be introduced to many of these heroes in the first film. We might need a sequel and a few spin-offs to fully explore them and Asgard. Considering we'll be mostly seeing Thor on Earth to give reason why he's joining the Avengers. Granted this might be premature since the first film has yet to start production. Knowing Marvel they've been thinking about this as well during casting. They seem to add these supporting characters in the hopes to create spin-offs. While I believe there will be a Thor sequel I feel they'll try to keep him on Earth for a couple of films. So why not expand the mythology with the supporting characters? Here are some ideas for spin-offs.

THE WARRIORS THREE: Their name even seems like the perfect blockbuster title. Sort of Norse version of the three musketeers and their adventures could be the stepping stone for more films set in Asgard, expanding the mythology.

They're played by Ray Stevenson (Volstagg), Tadanobu Asano (Hogun) and Stuart Townsend (Fandral).

I could see Hemidall played by Idris Elba becoming their fourth warrior.

SIF: While I think we'll see a Black Widow film first, Sif could be another prime female Marvel character to get her own movie. That's of course if Sif is showcased enough in the film. I could see her teaming up with Valkyrie.

Jamie Alexander plays Sif

VALKYRIE: The character has yet to be announced as being included in the film but she's been popular enough to end up with her own solo series. The thing is that she's human so that could be interesting to see her transformation from mortal to Asgardian warrior.

Jessica Biel (A-Team) was rumored for a role in the film, it wouldn't surprise me if they wanted her for Valkyrie.

POSSIBLE VILLAINS (Casting Thoughts)

Olivia Wilde (Tron Legacy) as Enchantress

Rachel Weisz (Lovely Bones) as Hela

Ray Winstone (Edge of Darkness) as Executioner

Frost Giants: I have a feeling they might make an appearance in Thor but if not they would make for great a threat to Asgard in the future. This would of course open things up so that we could start seeing more Lord of Rings type Marvel films.

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