November 27, 2009

UPDATE: Captain America (July 22nd 2011)

After being deemed unfit for military service during WWII, Steve Rogers volunteers for a top secret research project that turns him into Captain America, a superhero dedicated to defending America's ideals. Joe Johnston will direct, he recently helmed the remake of The Wolf Man. Johnston previously directed Rocketeer, Jurassic Park 3, Honey I Shrunk The Kids and Jumanji. He's also worked on Stars Wars: A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back & Return of The Jedi, Battlestar Galactica (Original TV Show) and Indiana Jones: Raiders of The Lost Ark & Temple of Doom. The film is being written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely who wrote The Chronicles of Narnia films.

Casting is being kept secret likely to give Thor more exposure during it's production and recent casting announcements. I'm sure Marvel Studios will eventually make the right decision considering the casting for the last four films has been great.

Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier spoke about what he's seen of the project. He compares the film to a mix of Saving Private Ryan, Radiers of The Lost Ark and Rocketeer. He also mentions losts of gadgets being used.

UPDATE: Producer Kevin Feige spoke about Captain America during an interview at this year's Comic-Con. He confirms that we'll be seeing the Red Skull and also reveals the inclusion of HYDRA. Kevin also mentioned previously that it's a safe bet Bucky will be in the film. Bucky and Union Jack worked together in the Invaders alongside Cap.

"It takes place overseas, much more than our other films do, and in terms of cast there's a group that Steve works with that will have an opportunity for many more international actors than our other films.....We're going to explore those aspects of World War 2 that made Captain America especially, the super soldier program, Red Skull, HYDRA, all those things that exist in the Marvel version."

HYDRA is the terrorist organization that is the polar opposite of S.H.I.E.L.D, it has roots with the Nazi party. There is the possibility we could see HYDRA playing a role in Avengers and future Marvel films. My assumption would be that HYDRA is created to start their own version of the super solider program. Which could have Red Skull, Baron Helmut Zemo, Madame Hydra (Viper) and Baron Wolfgang von Strucker as members. Along with being the film's villains.

Nick Fury's involvement in the film makes me believe that we could see the introduction of The Howling Commandos. This could lead to the addition of Dum Dum Dugan and Gabriel Jones, now high ranking SHIELD agents.

There have been hints that Howard Stark played by John Slattery could be featured in the film. Perhaps providing the technology and gadgets to help fight the Nazis and HYDRA.


Leonardo DiCaprio as Steve Rogers/Captain America

Christoph Waltz (Green Hornet, Inglourious Basterds) as Red Skull

Mads Mikkelsen (Clash of The Titans) as Baron Helmut Zemo

Franka Potente (Run Lola Run, Bourne Identity) as Madame Hydra/Viper

Henry Cavill (War of Gods, Tudors) as Bucky Barnes/Winter Solider

Kevin McKidd (Rome) as Union Jack

Abbie Cornish (Sucker Punch) as Sharon Carter

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