November 20, 2009

Future of The Resident Evil Franchise

The Resident Evil franchise has been the most successful video game film series as of now. While many feel the films lack a certain quality the comic book films have, they still do very well with audiences. The films have been increasing their box office numbers with each film. I feel the success is due to the developing fanbase with the games, which are released on a regular basis. Along with the rabid DVD/Blu Ray market for the series. My personal opinion is that while I didn't find the sequels very impressive I do like the world Anderson has created. Hopefully with Anderson back directing it will bring new life and talent to the franchise in the future.

Resident Evil: $103.2 Million (Budget $35Mill)
Resident Evil 2: $129Million (Budget $50Mill)
Resident Evil 3: $146.1Million (Budget $45Million)
DVD Sales: $50+ Million

Paul W.S. Anderson, who directed the best film in the series is back to helm Resident Evil: Afterlife. I'd hope they would hire someone like Christian Alvart (Antibodies) who did an amazing job with Pandorum to take over, if Anderson doesn't return. While the budget hasn't been revealed it's been quoted as the most expensive film of the series mostly due the inclusion of the 3D cameras. I expect the more money they put into the production the more they'll get back in profits. The one issue I've had with the films is the cheap looking computer effects. While it wasn't as noticeable in the first film the sequels had their problems. Hopefully they will up the special effects budget or at least go practical when possible.

Resident Evil: Begins
the working title of the fifth film will be a reboot of sorts but also a sequel. Afterlife will include a new story arc to carry on a new trilogy. It's well known that Milla Jovovich's Alice will not be returning to the series. It's expected that new characters like Chris Redfied, Claire Redfield and Jill Valentine will carry on the series. There could also be an inclusion of fan favorites like Leon S. Kennedy and other characters from the games in the new trilogy. Capcom had made the producers aware they wanted the films to include more characters and stories from the games.

Producer Jeremy Bolt spoke to ShockTillYouDrop about the future of the franchise during a set visit.

"Yes, we are hoping [we can get the new characters seen in Afterlife back], that would be a dream to have another three [films]," I'm glad [Paul] is talking like that. Either he'd have to direct them or we'll have to find directors on his level. It's tough. But I hope that we can make a few more and his creative brilliance is essential to that. Every time we do it so if it is the last one we're very proud of it, but if it does well enough obviously we'll do another one."


Ali Larter as Claire Redfield

Wentworth Miller as Chris Redfield

Shawn Roberts as Albert Wesker

Sienna Guillory as Jill Valentine


Jensen Ackles as Leon S. Kennedy

Maggie Q (Die Hard 4, MI3) as Ada Wong

Naomie Harris (Ninja Assassin, Miami Vice) as Sheva Alomar

Dominic West (300, The Wire) as Barry Burton

Michelle Ryan (Jekyll, Bionic Woman) as Excella Gionne

Columbus Short (Armored) as Josh Stone

Emmy Rossum as Rebecca Chambers

Amanda Righetti (Friday The 13th) as Mina Gere

Zach Levi (Chuck) as Kevin Ryman

Brian Austin Greene (Sarah Connor Chronicles) as Dave Johnson

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