December 3, 2008

Tarzan (2010)

Warner Bros. is officially creating a new film based on the classic Tarzan character. The boy raised by apes storyline seems to have been scraped. This is so that the story can be leaner and more action oriented. It will take place in the 1930's which makes sense that "Mummy" director Stephen Sommers is on board. I have to think that this will be more Indiana Jones inspired than following the jungle man theme. Stuart Beattie who wrote Sommer's G.I. Joe: Rise of The Cobra is also writing Tarzan. Beattie is best known for his scripts for the Pirates franchise.

Hugh Jackman is possibly inline to play Tarzan. Although he'll be trading his loin-cloth for a pair of khakis according to Entertainment Weekly. Since the character has been reworked not to be the boy raised in the jungle by apes.

E.W. also reveals that parkour will be apparent in the stunts of the film as well. "Think 'Pirates of the Caribbean' with buffed-and-tanned actors flying through the jungle and sprinting up trees, parkour-style."

I have to admit that I was worried that if they tried the jungle man theme it would be a doomed movie. Now that it sounds more like a Indiana Jones and Mummy type film it could really be a fun flick. The comparisons to Pirates of The Caribbean is hopeful to me and anything could be better than the last Indiana Jones installment. The addition of parkour has to be great news as well because it means they are aiming for practical stunts. Sommer's films such as Mummy Returns and Van Helsing suffered from overuse of computer special effects. It eventually lead the films' stories to be lost in bad and confusing experiments by the effects departments.

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