December 13, 2008

Films That Should Be Made: Assassin's Creed

With large scale films being developed based on video games such as Prince of Persia. It won't be long until titles like Assassin's Creed are looked at. The story is set in 2012 when Desmond is kidnapped by a company. He's used as a test subject on a machine that recalls memories of past ancestors. Desmond recalls the memories of Altaïr ibn La-Ahad one of his ancestors. Altaïr is part of the "Assassin Brotherhood" during the Third Crusade (1191) in the Holy Land. I think the story is very interesting but will need a lot of reworking so it can work on screen.

I could see J.J. Abrams directing the project if they keep the science fiction element in the story. Also actress Kristen Bell (Sarah Marshall) did some voice acting on the first game and could be cast in the film.

Chris Pine (Smokin Aces, Star Trek) as Desmond/Altaïr.

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