December 18, 2008

Films That Should Be Made: Neon Genesis Evangelion

A live-action film has been in development for years now. Weta Workshop (LOTR, King Kong) did a bunch of concept artwork for the movie. It's one of the better anime projects but is stuck in limbo. Although it's an Asian series the idea was to have a majority of the cast with European descent. Even to the point of renaming the characters. I'm sure ADV films will end up selling their rights to a major studio. I could see Warner Bros. or Fox bidding on the rights.

My Casting Picks

-Elijah Wood as Shane? (Shinji Ikari)

-Natalie Portman as Ray (Rei Ayanami)

-Amanda Seyfried as Kate Rose (Asuka Langley)

-Selma Blair as Susan Whitnall (Misato Katsuragi)

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