December 9, 2008

47 Ronin (2010)

Variety reports that Keanu Reeves will star in the epic period piece for Universal Pictures. Having nothing to do with the Frank Miller comic or the Jean Reno/Robert D. European thriller. The movie is based on the Japanese tale of the legendary 47 Ronin who seek revenge after the death of their master. Many of the Ronin give their lives in the process then preform ritual suicide. Reeves will play one of 47 disgraced samurai. Described as stylized version of the story. Incorporating elements from "Lord of The Rings" with gritty violence like what was seen in "Gladiator". Set in Japan during the winter of 1702, the film has epic written all over it. A director has yet to be named with the plan to shoot next year. I've been a massive fan of samurai mythology hoping Hollywood would take up this famous legend.

-Below is the trailer to the Japanese movie made in 1994.

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