January 1, 2013

WHAT IF: The Lizard Was Going To Show Up In SPIDER-MAN 2

While it's not that off from the final version we saw in Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man this Lizard concept art (via CBM) could have been used in Spider-Man 2. In the development of Sam Raimi's Spidey sequel there had been talk of including Doc Oc, The Lizard and Harry as the new Green Goblin. Ultimately, the screenwriter talked Sam down to one villain which helped make Spider-Man 2 one of the better comic book films. The concept of three villains was thrown in to Spider-Man 3 and became a total mess. So thankfully, Spider-Man 2 didn't end up as bloated. Dylan Baker was cast in the role of Doctor Curt Connors and showed up in both sequels.

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