January 25, 2013

Chloë Moretz Pitched As Lead In STAR WARS EPISODE VII?

While SlashFilm has been fuelling the rumor that a female Skywalker would be the focus of the new trilogy. They've recently dropped another tidbit of information that could see a female lead in J.J. Abrams' Episode VII. Apparently, when Matthew Vaughn was still in the running he had pitched Chloë Grace Moretz ( 500 Days of Summer, Kick-Ass 1-2) to LucasFilm. This could really mean that the studio is looking to have the trilogy centered around this unnamed female Skywalker (likely Jaina Skywalker Solo).

Moretz has taken on a lot of adult material in her career including the iconic Hit-Girl in the Kick-Ass films. Along with taking on the role of scream queen in horror remakes Let Me In and Carrie.  I don't doubt the studio could still consider her but Abrams will likely cast his own choices. At least we have an idea that the lead of the new trilogy could be a teenage girl. Hitting the trend of a female driven franchise such as Hunger Games, would also help fans get a fresh take on the Star Wars universe.

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