January 24, 2013

J.J. Abrams Is Directing STAR WARS EPISODE VII

Lesson learned today, never trust an official denial from anyone. TheWrap has reported on the hottest story of 2013 as they reveal J.J. Abrams has been chosen to direct Star Wars Episode VII. Apparently, Ben Affleck was also a candidate and has been linked for Justice League for months now. It's not a shocking move considering how wonderful Abrams was able to resurrect the tired Star Trek franchise with his reboot. Abrams is a self-professed Star Wars geek while not really being into Trek when he landed that franchise. During the speculation of the project's director J.J.'s name kept coming up. He would eventually publicly denied wanting to make it which was a misdirection by the director. It will be interesting to see how this effects the Episode VII pre-production which is rumored to start this Spring. Considering Star Trek Into Darkness is releasing in May then in many other markets afterwards. It's release date is expected for Summer 2015 alongside Avengers 2 and Justice League.

It's possible this news could give Paramount the idea to move on with the Star Trek franchise without Abrams. However, nothing says this would effect current development on Star Trek 3. The third installment is only in a story-phase while the screenwriters are focusing on other projects. Nothing says Abrams won't be able to finish his Trek trilogy then hand it off to another director.

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