January 15, 2013


Robert confirmed over the summer that Machete Kills Again In Space would also go into production. The third sequel would involve Machete Cortez in a science fiction actioner in the vein of Paul Verhoeven's Total Recall (originally shot in Mexico City). He told Vulture over the summer that he was going to shoot a faux trailer for Machete Kills Again (Machete In Space) which could be attached to the opening or end of Machete Kills. I assume this trailer would be a way to get more funding for the film which would need a bigger budget than previous installments.

Rodriguez confirmed that both Machete sequels are greenlit, but before he makes the second film, Machete Kills, he'll produce another fake trailer for the improbably named third film, Machete Kills Again … in Space. (Fitting, since the first Machete originated as a fake trailer sandwiched in the middle of Grindhouse.) "I think it's going to get people excited about Machete again," Rodriguez said, promising "a light-saber machete, space-babes … it'll be kind of like Moonraker!" We humbly suggested that the second, earthbound Machete might pale in comparison after audiences glimpse Rodriguez's antihero carving up baddies in space, but the director laughed, "There's kind of a reason why the trailer has to come first, which you won't know until you see the second one. But I wanna see that one right now, too!"

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