January 16, 2013

Roman Coppola Wanted To Make A Pre-Marvel Studios DOCTOR STRANGE Movie

During an interview with MoviePilot (via ThePlaylist) writer/producer/director Roman Coppola (Moonrise Kingdom, Charlie Swan, Darjeeling Limited) reveals he once worked on a Doctor Strange film over a decade ago. He mentions speaking with Stan Lee on and developing concepts for it. Apparently, this happened before there was respect for the company during the era of Roger Corman's horrible Fantastic Four flick.

”You know, I did [have the desire to make a superhero movie], but I could again. I was a huge comic book fan comic book fan growing up, within reason. I was a fan of Spider-Man and all that stuff. Actually, I met Stan Lee 15 or 20 years ago when Marvel had the worst reputation for their adaptations. They had made a really terrible 'Fantastic Four' movie and some other things," Coppola explained. "I met him with my dad and we said, ‘Oh, wow, I wish we could be involved. How great would it be to make a really accurate version of one of these films?’ I had the aspirations to make a 'Doctor Strange' movie, which I worked on quite a bit. I ended up coming out on the other side, since I told someone I was working on a comic book movie and they said, ‘Do you really want to work for a studio to get pushed around for three years and not make something that’s personal?’ To make a movie like that where I could really use my sensibility would be fantastic. That type of work now is a product, and there’s a manner in which it’s made. Now I think it’d be better to spend those three years to do something better.”

While Roman is best known as a writer and is currently nominated for an Oscar for his work with Wes Anderson on Moonrise Kingdom. He's also been working a second unit director for years and making commercials. Those productions included Dracula, Virgin Suicides, Lost In Translation, Life Aquatic, Marie Antoinette and Darjeeling Limited. He recently shot an Avengers themed Farmers Insurance commercial, so he might still be in mind for the studio. The current Doctor Strange film has a script which was rumored to have gone out to directors back in 2011. It's expected to be apart of the Phase Three lineup and "could" be introduced in Thor: The Dark World (ala Black Widow/Hawkeye/Fury).

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