January 5, 2013


Matthais Schoenaerts is having a fantastic year with the success of his film Rust And Bone. Which looks like it could end up earning a bunch of Oscar nominations if previous awards nominations over the year are any indication. He could very well end up walking away with a Best Actor nomination. Matthais has since lined-up a couple of future projects.

He's attached to a dark comedy The Ardennes which is described as Trainspotting meets Fargo. A road movie centering on three young Belgian losers who embark on a trip to the Ardennes forest, near the border of France, to get rid of a corpse. Another project is the French-set WWII drama Suite Francaise from director Saul Dibb (The Dutchess) which co-stars Michelle Williams and Kristin Scott Thomas. It focuses on a love affair between a young French woman (Williams) and the German officer (Schoenaerts) assigned to watch her in Nazi-occupied France. [DailyMail]

He'll also be joining another Belgian production The Faithfull. The film-noir is will be directed by Michael Roskam who helmed Bullhead which starred Matthias. That film earned an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film. The Faithfull will be another gangster flick focusing on a crime syndicate in Brussels and is expected to shoot in Spring 2014. Roskam will be busy before The Faithfull lenses as well. He will be directing Animal Rescue which was scripted by author Dennis Lehane (Shutter Island, Gone Baby Gone, Mystic River) for Fox Searchlight. The Boston-set crime drama has Tom Hardy (Warrior, Dark Knight Rises) attached and Noomi Rapace (Dragon Tattoo, Dead Man Down, Prometheus) circling the female lead. [Variety]

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