January 15, 2013

Arnold Schwarzenegger Says LEGEND OF CONAN Could Shoot In New Zealand By The End Of 2013

While speaking to AICN (via ThePlaylist) Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed a little about the production of The Legend of Conan. He talks about Universal's desire to make a solid film and mentions production could take place in New Zealand by the end of the year. Most interesting is that it could be setup at Peter Jackson's studio.

"[Universal] finally came forward and said, 'You're absolutely right. The previous regime has missed the boat here. We want to pick it up. We're going to buy the rights and we're going to be serious about it and make a quality film with an A-director and with A-writers and so on. And we want you to participate in this. We want you to star and you to play Conan. We're going to take a story where Conan is at that age so it's totally believable and you're not looking like a 30-year old action guy.’”

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