January 11, 2013

JURASSIC PARK 4 Coming June 2014, No Director But Has A Script

HeatVision is reporting some encouraging news for the Steven Spielberg produced Jurassic Park 4. Paramount has set it's release date for June 13th 2014 but the project doesn't have a director attached. A script is shaping up as well as screenwriting duo Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver (Dawn of The Planet of The Apes, Rise of The Planet of The Apes) have handed in a new draft. It's been mentioned the film could end up becoming more of remake than a continuation of the franchise.

While a director hasn't been named I have my own thoughts on who should be given a shot. Joe Johnston and Spielberg have been rumored but I'd rather see some new blood. I'd love to see a director such as J.J. Abrams or Rupert Wyatt give their own vision of the dinos. Abrams could have the time to make it while Star Trek 3 is still being scripted by writers. Not to mention how Abrams could be eyed by Paramount for the job after delivering the studio some major hits. Rupert reinvented The Planet of The Apes franchise with Rise and has since exited the sequel Dawn. He understands how to bring CGI created characters to life and seems like he could have that vision Paramount needs. Wyatt seems like the best bet since he currently isn't attached to a project.

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