January 29, 2013

RUMOR: Adrianne Palicki, Rosario Dawson And Other Candidates For Gamora In GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

Take with the biggest grain of salt because this site hasn't proved creditable but MCU says they have a scoop concerning Guardians of The Galaxy. This time it concerns the female lead of Gamora who is the immortal adopted daughter of Thanos who ends up joining the Guardians. A whole heap of names have been linked male roles. Starting with Star-Lord that includes Joel Edgerton, Jack Huston, Lee Pace, Chris Lowell, Eddie Redmayne, Zachary Levi, Jim Sturgess, Michael Rosenbam, Sullivan Stapleton, Garrett Hedlund, James Marsden, Wes Bentley and Cam Gigandet. Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler were recently linked for comedic roles likely aimed for Rocket Raccoon and Cosmo. A small group of names were also mentioned for Drax such as Isaiah Mustafa (Old Spice Guy), Brian Patrick Wade (Generation Kill) and Dave Bautista (Riddick, Man With The Iron Fist). Michael Rooker (Walking Dead, Super, Slither, Henry) also seems game for any role that James is able to give him, Thanos anyone?

They "claim" that Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights, Red Dawn, G.I. Joe: Retaliation), Rosario Dawson (Trance, Sin City 1-2, Death Proof, 25th Hour), Rachel Nichols (Star Trek, Conan, G.I. Joe, Alias), Moon Bloodgood (Terminator Salvation, Faster, Sessions, Falling Skies) and Kristanna Loken (Burn Notice, Terminator 3, L Word, Painkiller Jane) are going to audition for Gamora. Nothing is concrete here but three of these ladies have worked with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He had been the actor with the biggest profile in the running for Peter Quill/Star-Lord.

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