January 12, 2013

Pete Travis Considering Another Comic Book Film And Open To STAR WARS

Speaking to MovieWeb Pete Travis (Dredd) confirms he's been sent a script for another comic book film. The unnamed project seems to have captured his interest and hopes to get it made sometime this year. However, the movie is in very early stages. He also briefly comments on his desire to make a Star Wars film. We know that the studio is looking to make spin-offs and he'd be an awesome person to tackle one of those.

"I wasn't looking for a comic book movie when I found Dredd. Like I say, it was all about the script. There is another comic book script that I have been sent, that I quite like. I hope it might get made this year. I think comic books and graphic novels are exciting. I think there are tons of ways to make them more real. It's an area I am really excited about...No, not at the moment. It is in the early stage." 

"I wouldn't count out anything in this business, really. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Who wouldn't be interested in that? I loved it as a kid. I loved it while I was growing up. So, who knows?" 


BLACK PANTHER: I'd love it to be Marvel's Black Panther which has a script from Mark Bailey. Pete has proven he can make a fictional place like Mega-City One believable. Travis could be able to create the fictional high-tech country Wakanda in similar way. T'Challa needs a visionary to tell his story and he seems like that person. The only problem is that I doubt this will be made until Avengers 2 wraps production. Currently, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is set to shoot in April with Guardians of The Galaxy in the Summer. While I want it to be Panther it's a long-shot.

HARD BOILED: Another possible project would be Warner Bros' Hard Boiled which is based on the Frank Miller graphic novel. Miller wrote the script for the studio with the hope of directing it back in 2008. Hard Boiled went into development-limbo when Frank's The Spirit bombed at the box office. A futuristic debt collector in a massive violent noir city figures out something important about himself while a large body count amasses around him.

RONIN: Ronin is another Frank Miller project setup at Warner Bros. that has script but is also development-limbo. That film had Sylvain White attached to direct but his other comic book film The Losers didn't do very well. After the release it was unknown if the project was going to get made. It focuses on a ronin from feudal Japan that is transported to a futuristic New York City.

LONE WOLF AND CUB: The iconic manga series Lone Wolf And Cub spawned a bunch of Japanese films and influenced Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill. Kamala Films is developing an American take on the material with Justin Lin attached to direct. However, Lin has been dropping out of films in record speed with films like Terminator 5 and Highlander previously. It's possible that Justin could exit this project too. I could see this being right up Pete's ally. The film has a script in development from David and Janet Peoples (Unforgiven, Blade Runner, Blade Runner Sequel). A betrayed executioner for the Shogun and his son travel the roads of Japan while being pursued by a neverending flood of assassins. At one point Darren Aronofksy was trying to make a version himself before the rights were lost.

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