January 12, 2013

Pete Travis Talks DREDD Sequel And Alex Garland Has Ideas For A Trilogy

One of the most underrated films of 2012 will likely go down as being Dredd, among a few others. The hard boiled R-rated comic book film turned out to be one of the best genre films of the year. It ended up earning a lot of critical praise and in my opinion is this generation's Robocop. Dredd turned out more tense and unique action scenes than the over-hyped Expendables 2 or the disappointing Total Recall remake. Sadly, it did very poorly at the box office despite it's meager $50 million budget. A sequel has been in question because of the numbers but if BluRay/DVD/VOD sales a good enough it's possible. I feel like Dredd could find new life like most cult-films do with home viewing.

Director Pete Travis is currently promoting the BluRay release on January 8th and talked to MovieWeb about the future of Dredd. He likely won't be back as a director but is hopeful that a sequel could happen. Peter also mentions that writer/producer Alex Garland has outlined a trilogy. Details aren't dropped but it sounds like Garland and Urban could give us more exciting installments sometime in the futre.

"I don't think so. I really hope there is a second one. I just feel very lucky to have been involved in the first one. It has been a great experience for me. I read Alex Garland's script two years ago, and I feel in love with it then. I have enjoyed the whole process of working on that with him, and bringing it to the screen. It was extraordinary. I hope they get the chance to make another one. I think Dredd is an extraordinary character. I think Karl Urban captured him so perfectly. I think there is a real beautiful future there." 

"I think Alex Garland has a trilogy in his mind. I think there is a whole exciting journey in front of Dredd if Alex and Karl Urban get to take him on that journey. The future is really exciting for him. Especially in terms of going with some of the other characters from the comic book. Finding out more about where Dredd comes from. I also think its exciting, the possibilities. The first film does go all out as a visual feast. Whoever gets a chance to do the others willl take that, and make it even more exciting. I can't wait to see it. I don't really know how the sequel thing works, really. I hope they get another chance to make a second film. I think Karl Urban...He is Dredd. It would be really exciting for them to make another, and go further with that character. I sincerely hope so..."

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