January 2, 2013

John Woo Directing EXPENDABLES 3?

It had been rumored that legendary Hong Kong action director John Woo (MI2, Face-Off, The Killer, Hard Boiled, Red Cliff) could be in the mix for directing Expendables 3. Woo commented on the rumor to ExpendablesPremiere  (via LatinoReview) and gives the impression he's willing to direct (or is already doing it?) if he's given the creative control he is with his Chinese productions. Having Woo direct is giant step-up from Simon West helming the last installment. This move would likely help producers wrangle Nicolas Cage and John Travolta who had been wanted for the second film. A Face-Off reunion could be something unexpected and a way to to get Cage interested previously working with Woo on two films. Not to mention John wanting the film to be set in China is following a recent Hollywood trend of setting blockbusters (Transformers 4, Iron Man 3, Skyfall) in the country. Jackie Chan has already confirmed his involvement which could give way to a Chinese-set Expendables 3.

"(Laughs) I read that. I am a big fan of all those guys and I will do it but I want less studio and producer interference. I want to shoot the movie the way I want. That’s the difference making a movie in China and Hollywood. In China, The Studio and producer allow flexibility to the director. One thing for sure is, I want it to take place in China. I also have a vision of this big fight between Jet Li and Van Damme but then they have killed him off."

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