May 14, 2010

Nathan Fillion Playing Hank Pym in Avengers & Ant-Man?

MarvelousNews is reporting that Nathan Fillion (Serenity) is in final talks to take the role of Dr. Henry Pym. Better known as Hank Pym who creates tech-based-suits that give him special powers and alter egos such as Ant-Man, Yellow Jacket and Giant-Man. They're getting their information from the same source that confirmed Kevin Pennington's deal with Marvel Studios. The character is a founding member of the Avengers a long with his wife Janet. Considering Fillion's relationship with Avengers screenwriter and possible director Joss Whedon it's not hard to see him cast in the role. Perhaps this was part of the conversation that took place between Joss and Edgar Wright not too long ago. This would mean that Fillion would co-star in Avengers and headline Edgar Wright's Ant-Man.

"Nathan Fillion is pretty much locked to be Henry Pym, and should be announced before any other new additions to the cast (think around Comic Con)"

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