May 6, 2010

Rise of The Apes Coming June 24th 2011

There has been a lot of back and forth with the Planet of The Apes reboot/prequel. First 20th Century Fox had been very interested in making the new film then it fell off course and into development hell. The script ended up getting rewrites and new blood was pumped into it. The had been offers put out to directors like Robert Rodriguez and Kathryn Bigelow but nothing came of it.

Now there is finally big news coming from Fox on the project. The film titled Rise of The Apes will be directed by Rupert Wyatt(The Escapist), who had been rumored but never confirmed until now. There's more exciting news that Weta Digital is handling the digital effects of the film. Their plan is to create photo-realistic CGI apes to replace actors in ape makeup. Weta is best known for their work the Lord of The Rings trilogy, Avatar and District 9. This is great news considering the makeup it only worked in the early films. I felt it hindered the actors' ability to speak in the Tim Burton version, which never lived to up it's full potential. I'm just glad to see Fox is committed to the prolific franchise.

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