May 13, 2010

Mickey Rourke Open To Sin City 2?

Previously Mickey Rourke had stated how he had no desire to return for Sin City 2. Pointing out the grueling makeup needed for the role of Marv. He spoke with MTV when Sin City 2 was brought up yet again. He seemed a little more open to returning with certain expectations. Mainly for everyone to "get their shit together" and for Rodriguez's ex-wife not be involved. Rourke seemed to have clashed with the producer during the first film. It looks like everyone involved even Miller and Rodriguez have no clue when the sequel will start production. A lot of people claimed that The Wrestler resurrected Rourke's career but most forget his performance in Sin City. The film debuted at #1 when it was released and most credited Rourke's Marv for it's success.

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