May 11, 2010

Iron Man 2's Box Office Equals More Marvel Heroes

While I didn't love Iron Man 2 you can read my short review here. I do however root for the success of Marvel Studios. I can't say I've ever rooted for studio before but when these films get support from audiences it opens up the door for many more characters. Even more amazing is that characters will be featured we would never see major studios develop because it would be too difficult.

With the success of Iron Man and relative box numbers for Incredible Hulk three more movies got green-lit (Thor, Cap, Avengers). It's expected Marvel will finally move forward with Edgar Wright's Ant-Man and could be their second 2012 film. Runaways is also very close to production so it could go next as well. If Iron Man 2 breaks the 600-700 million dollar mark with it's worldwide box office I expect it's profits will push forward the laundry list of characters destined to hit theaters.

Of course I'm sure they've been working hard developing post Avengers projects. The next lineup seems to be Namor, Doctor Strange and Luke Cage. These projects have been in development long enough for me to believe they'll be coming down the pipe next.

There are also rumblings from Kevin Fiege of Black Panther, Iron Fist and Ka-Zar films being possibilities.

It looks like we could be seeing bunch of micro-budgeted films. I expect Marvel will be releasing one of these opposite the two summer event films. Most likely in Fall/Winter slots to establish themselves as the new major studio. While some might believe this is too much of a good thing. The Marvel universe opens itself up to many other film genres. Not every character is destined for big summer blockbuster mostly because not everyone has superpowers or needs an epic set pieces. I'd love to see Nick Fury, Black Widow & Hawkeye end up coming together for SHIELD film or getting their own spin-offs.

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