May 12, 2010

Who Is Colm Feore Playing In Thor?

While Thor is wrapping up principle photography one high profiled actor's role still hasn't be revealed. Colm Feore is best known for his extensive Stratford performances of Shakespeare plays. Also having memorable roles in Chronicles of Riddick, Titus and The Changeling was cast but his role never explained. There had been rumors of him playing Balder as some had previewed draft of the script which had an older Balder. Yet recently the actor recently mentioned to Montreal Gazette he spent 5 hours in the makeup chair. This could conflict with the Balder rumors as the character wouldn't really need that much prep.

There had been previous talk of an Earth bound villain in Thor but that was never followed up. On CBM boards someone brought up Baron von Strucker, who is the leader of Hydra. Now Strucker has a scarred/disfigured face which could explain the makeup. It would make sense considering Feore would make the perfect Marvel villain. While Strucker seems likely better fit for Captain America that film seems to have enough villains in the mix. To introduce Strucker and Hydra could lead into Avengers and possibly the S.H.I.E.L.D. film.

"I can tell you makeup took me five hours every day, and that made for a very long day,"

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