May 17, 2010

Vincenzo Natali Wants To Make Alpha Flight

Splice director Vincenzo Natali talked to MTV and revealed another comic series he'd like to take on eventually. Considering the rights issues with Swamp Thing have put the project on hold we don't know what he'll be up to next. He mentions Alpha Flight, a group of Canadian mutants who work for Department H an agency within the Canadian government. The X-Men spin-off isn't what you call a fan favorite but it would be interesting to see the Canadian spin on the superhero genre, excluding Scott Pilgrim of course. What's interesting is that unlike X-Men First Class it would make sense for Wolverine to make a cameo or even be featured in the film. Considering Logan was once a member of Alpha Flight before joining the X-Men. I'm sure 20th Century Fox is frothing from the mouth with the thought of another film that could lure Hugh Jackman's Wolverine into the mix.

"I have thought about that a little bit," said Natali in regards to the possibility of making a lower-budget movie about lesser-known comic characters. "I'll put this out there: maybe Alpha Flight. I thought that would be interesting, to give a little Canadian angle on the superhero mythology. It's an interesting group and it had a lot of different members, so you can take it in a number of different directions. I think it would be cool."

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