May 24, 2010

Kevin Pennington Now Rumored For Captain Marvel

Previously we've heard the rampant rumors of the Marvel contract for actor Kevin Pennington. While it's been confirmed by the actor himself he's signed a three picture deal to play a "fan favorite" Marvel character there hasn't been much information on which one it is. The only hint we've gotten is that he's a SHIELD agent, which could mean anyone. Clint Barton (Hawkeye) had been brought up but dismissed by the actor. It would make sense the studio would hire bigger name for Hawkeye considering the fact the hero is destand to be in his own spin-off. Now there is word from AvengersNews that Pennington is being tapped to play a small role as Captain Marvel.

The only issue is which one? There are two Kree warriors who took up the name first Mar-Vell and then later on it was Noh-Varr. There have been rumors of The Skrulls being involved as the main villain or being setup for the second film, so insterting a Kree allie could be possible. Personally I think it would be difficult to have a character named after your company being taken seriously. There is also the confusion between Marvel's Captain Marvel and DC's Captain Marvel/Shazam.

While there re plenty of alien characters in the Marvel universe. I believe there are a couple more popular ones than Captain Marvel that could end up showing up. One of course being Sentry who has been appearing in many of the new era storylines. Another interesting character that has connection to SHIELD is Nova.

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