November 13, 2014

Universal Rebooting THE WOLFMAN A Second Time With PRISONERS Writer

Deadline has confirmation from Universal that Prisoners writer Aaron Guzikowski  will pen a new Wolfman film for the studio. The film will be apart of the new Universal Monsters Universe, which began with Dracula Untold. Alex Kurtzman's The Mummy will be the first official release set in the modern universe they will inhabit. It's expected the film will be set in modern times rather than the Victorian era setting the 2010 film from director Joe Johnston had. It's possible Wolfman could take the release spot in 2017, which was slated for an untitled Universal Monsters film.

While the last film had some issues, the Rick Baker makeup and transformation wasn't one of them. There is a bit of expectation that the Baker makeup will return and we won't get some dude turning into a wolf, but rather keeping the iconic wolfman look. Baker would go-on to earn the makeup Oscar in 2011.



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