November 13, 2014

Michelle MacLaren In Talks To Direct WONDER WOMAN Movie For Warner Bros.

Variety reports that television director Michelle MacLaren is now in talks to direct Wonder Woman for Warner Bros. The DC movie which will star Gal Gadot and will be the first solo film post-Batman v Superman, ramping up to the release of Justice League. WB intended on finding a female director, a bit of transparency which often doesn't happen. There has been a bit of "controversy" surrounding only going after female directors, but this seems more like progress than sexism (which some have claimed).

I've actually been championing Michelle MacLaren for the job since January. While everyone seemed to think the unreachable goal of hiring Kathryn Bigelow was the best move. Bigelow focusing on hard-boiled military films, with awards ambitions didn't seem like a director they could wrangle. I sort of knew this from the beginning and put Michelle out there, because of her fantastic TV work and more accurately a background in genre. Working on shows like Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and primarily Breaking Bad. All shows considered to be the best television has to offer us, so why not give her a bigger world and character to play with?

Plot rumors suggest the first two films could be set between 1920-1940s, I'm kind of hoping that the antagonists become the Nazis. Since that seems to be cool way to go with the character. Taking more of an Indiana Jones approach to the lore. Something that Captain America: The First Avenger attempted, but focused on the fictional HYDRA instead.

I'm obviously on-board with this choice by Warner Bros., it's also great to see that studio listened to fans and didn't strong-arm someone already loyal to the studio. Something we saw when Zack Snyder was sort of coaxed into making Man of Steel after Sucker Punch did so poorly at the box office. MacLaren is a seasoned genre director and this could be just what the project needs. The film has a release date of June 2017, which could mean production might begin late 2015 or early 2016.


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