November 24, 2014

Director Michelle MacLaren Confirmed For WONDER WOMAN

THR is confirming that Breaking Bad's Michelle MacLaren (Game of Thrones, Walking Dead) will indeed direct Wonder Woman for Warner Bros. Michelle had been a frontrunner for weeks and a fan-favorite for the job. While some maniacs believed the studio could automatically talk Kathryn Bigelow into return to genre filmmaking, saner minds know better. We've been supporting director Michelle for the gig since January and before she appeared on any "lists". Mainly, because I knew that that MacLaren deserves a jump to film, and this genre project was a perfect fit for her.

They also confirm that Debra and Zack Snyder will be producing the film, with MacLaren possibly working closely with the project's unnamed writers. It's important that Michelle is able to contribute to the vision/story of the film, instead of it being the Zack Snyder show. Allowing her to be more than just a hire-gun, but a filmmaker allowed to put her vision into play.


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