November 17, 2014

Thomas Kretschmann And Frank Grillo Returning For CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR?

While we've been sort of focusing on Tony Stark becoming an unintentional villain of Captain America: Civil War and we try to figure out what secondary villain Daniel Bruhl (Zemo or Mordo?) will play. There are two bigger villains that we should expect to see return.

Thomas Kretschmann and Frank Grillo have confirmed signing contracts for multiple Marvel films. Considering the two are predominately known as being Cap villains, showing up in Civil War makes the most sense. I'm not really sure how they could factor into films like Infinity War. However, HYDRA is aware of Stephen Strange and that could be explored in Scott Derrickson's Doctor Strange.

During promo for the film the Russo Brothers pretty much confirmed the return of Rumlow as Crossbones. Grillo is a fan-favorite and a member of Thunderbolts, a group of villains James Gunn wanted to make a movie about. Thunderbolts could end-up Marvel's version of Suicide Squad. Thomas reiterated returning for future films, but kept his lips tight to what that would be.

"I have a multi-picture deal which means I will not only appear in the 2nd part, but they're planning with me for a longer period of time. But I don't know details yet, they're keeping their cards close to their chest - top secret!"

There is speculation that Andy Serkis is playing Klaw in Age of Ultron. T'Challa and Wakanda having such a large role in Civil War, including Klaw there as well also makes sense. I have a bit of a theory concerning Klaw working for either A.I.M. or HYDRA. Trying to exploit Wakanda's minerals and technology for their weapons. I could totally see Zemo and Klaw teaming-up to develop world conquering weapon systems. I'm under the impression that Black Panther would be the hero to continue Rogers' fight against HYDRA and other human threats.

Another idea I have is that HYDRA starts aligning themselves with A.I.M. and The Ten Rings (real Mandarin?) to develop one single villainous group. Maybe some kind of version of Masters of Evil, a supervillain group that had been rumored for Age of Ultron. While I don't think we'll see this happen in Ultron, I'm sure Marvel could plant seeds for villains in Civil War. Having them use all their resources to tear-apart the Avengers, so that they can move on with their plans without interference.

Marvel revealed a faux title of Captain America: The Serpent Society, which could be hinting to more than people originally thought. Serpent Society is another off-shoot of HYDRA which was led by Madame Hydra, another Captain America villain we've been championing for years. Madame Hydra is also Strucker's second-in-command, so there is already an opening to have her working alongside Strucker and HYDRA. The Serpent Squad did aid the Thunderbolts in Civil War, the group does have ties to the original comics.

I could see Stark forming Thunderbolts only to have sleeper agents (serpents) working for this supervillain group, hoping to destroy Avengers from within. Similar to how Hydra helped wipeout SHIELD. Kevin Feige and The Russos have teased Civil War would include something as Earth-shattering as destroying SHIELD in the film. These are sort of the last of the Earthbound threats, which need to be explored before we start seeing Avengers going cosmic for Infinity War.

Who will end-up becoming the real villains and threat of Civil War?

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