June 5, 2014

ZOMBIELAND Director Ruben Fleisher In The Mix For GHOSTBUSTERS 3?

During the recent Ant-Man madness concerning who will replace Edgar Wright, a tidbit was dropped about Ghosbusters 3. TheWrap reveals that Sony is considering Zombieland's Ruben Fleisher (Gangster Squad, 30 Minutes or Less) to the direct the film, after Ivan Reitman exited. The studio seems hellbent on getting this movie made.

We know that Bill Murray wants nothing to do with the film, but did work with Ruben on Zombieland. Which did homage Murray's iconic role in Ghosbusters. Emma Stone and Jonah Hill were pursued for the two new leads, the former was also in Zombieland. I'm not entirely sure if we'll end up getting our Peter Venkman ghost cameo, but at least we know Fleisher respects the original material.


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