June 6, 2014

Peyton Reed Is The Frontrunner To Replace Edgar Wright On ANT-MAN

I've been a bit hesitant to post anything on the crazy amount of contenders linked for replacing Edgar Wright as the director of Marvel's Ant-Man. It all started with Wright exiting over massive rewrites to his script (alleged to be spearheaded by Disney's Alan Horn), that he and Joe Cornish had been developing together for almost decade. Fair enough, and good on Edgar to sticking to his vision.

Well that started a good ol' rumor shit-storm and it came blowing in hard. We got a bunch of names linked for job, which included Rawson Marshall Thurber, Ruben Fleisher, Adam McKay, Nicholas Stoller and Michael Dowse. A few of the directors went out of their way to remove themselves from the running, by either revealing to trades other projects. And, in other cases flat out denials via Twitter or blogs. Ouch, it's a tough situation for Marvel and the cast of Ant-Man, even worse for Wright's replacement.

TheWrap seemingly has more concrete news and states that Peyton Reed (Yes Man, The Break-Up, Down With Love) is now the frontrunner for the director's chair. Which is a solid choice, as Reed is the type of hired-gun Marvel needs at this point. He's also got a quirky side to his directing, which I assume will work well for the project. I really do hope this is the last name, and Marvel confirms the news soon. Production is expected to begin sometime this summer, we should get confirmation in the coming days.

Plus, if there's even a hint to getting Zooey Deschanel involved with the MCU by hiring Peyton, I'm 100% on board for it. I'm fine if Evangeline Lily takes the Janet/Wasp role, but Zooey playing Janet opposite Paul Rudd would be magical. I just picture Janet having that quick-wit and sassiness that Zooey is known for. It also doesn't hurt the pair worked together on Our Idiot Brother and The New Girl.


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