June 19, 2014

RUMOR: WB Planning On Releasing THE BATMAN In 2019 And Will Ben Affleck Direct?

LatinoReview has another big DC scoop, this time it concerns our favorite caped crusader. We recently learned that Warner Bros. is setting-up a large slate of DC films, shockingly a solo Batman movie wasn't on that list. LR reveals that the studio is tentatively placing a new Batman standalone in their 2019 release lineup, and giving it the working title of The Batman. Fans might recognize that title, as it was the original title for Batman Begins.

There is also a bit of speculation that Ben could also direct the film, something we've been expecting since he was originally announced for the role. There had been rumblings that Ben's deal with Warner Bros. was so extensive, that it could include clauses to direct as well. This was never confirmed or announced by the studio, so it's currently unknown if this is indeed their plan or if Ben is obligated to direct.

After watching Affleck's films Gone Baby Gone and The Town. It's easy to see the director has a grasp on the gritty world of crime, and could be a decent successor to Christopher Nolan. The release date is also another hint to Affleck directing as well, since it would allow him plenty of time to film Batman v Superman, Justice League and his period gangster film Live By Night.

At this point there isn't even talk of a script being put together, which might be another reason for the 2019 release date. Giving the studio plenty of time to setup a new trilogy and make the first installment a solid one. Let's not forget that Ben also has an Oscar for screenwriting.


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