June 18, 2014

Tao Okamoto Playing Lex Luthor's Bodyguard Mercy Graves In BATMAN V SUPERMAN?

While were starting to piece-together who is playing-who in Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. New information has surfaced via ComicBook, which states that Japanese actress Tao Okamoto (The Wolverine) could be playing an assistant to Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg). The character they name is Mercy Graves, better known as Lex's driver and personal bodyguard.

A solid female character and one that should give even Batman a bit of a challenge. I'm curious if Mercy is taking the place of Joker's Neo-Nazi gal-pal Bruno. Considering this is a PG-13 film and I assume a semi-topless white-supremacist villain, might be too much even for Snyder. Plus, Mark Millar and Jeff Wadlow already ripped-off the character's look with Mother Russia in Kick-Ass 2. This could be the first step in the direction of Lex Luthor taking the place of Joker in Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, which is said to be influencing the film.


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