October 14, 2013

Joseph Gordon-Levitt And Paul Rudd Named Front-Runners For ANT-MAN

Variety reports that the two front-runners currently for Edgar Wright's Ant-Man are Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Don Jon, Looper, Dark Knight Rises, Inception) and Paul Rudd. Joseph has been on Marvel's radar for quite sometime being linked for both Star-Lord (Guardians of The Galaxy) and Doctor Strange. Rudd's comedic resume is worth noting but hasn't really made any action flicks, so his name being attached is a bit odd. However, I wouldn't have imagined Chris Pratt for Star-Lord before James Gunn placed him in that role. It's possible the two could be going up for the same role of Hank Pym but Wright has mentioned using both Pym and Scott Lang in the film. Two characters that shared the title Ant-Man in the comics. I wouldn't rule out both actors taking lead roles.

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