October 3, 2013

Paul Giamatti Will Return As The Rhino In AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 3, Giving The Impression That Sinister Six Is Indeed The Plan

Paul Giamatti confirms to Collider that he'll be returning for Amazing Spider-Man 3 and not as sure about Amazing Spider-Man 4. There have been rumblings that the Sinister Six would be the major plot point in Amazing Spider-Man 3. Having a team of villains going up against Spidey could be something fans are dying to see on screen. We've been hearing about Sinister Six since news of the reboot first starting coming out. Making this not a new revelation but interesting none the less.

The villains currently shown or attached to the new franchise include The Lizard, Electro, The Rhino and Green Goblin. Adrian Tombs aka The Vulture (Colm Feore) has also been rumored as showing up in the second film but nothing confirmed. Another couple of candidates include Kraven The Hunter, The Chameleon and Mysterio. It's also up in the air if Dr. Connors will reprise his evil ways or will be stuck in prison reforming himself. We honestly don't know what they final Sinister Six lineup will be and might even include Black Cat (Felicity Jones?).

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